PRAISE FOR THE SHOW:                                                       STILLS FROM THE SHOW:

"Start Praying - 4 Hostiles"

"Had I not been supremely entertained and enthused by Todd Waring’s [Elegant Monsters], I would have been consumed with jealousy over the consummate acting skills he employs. Doubly remarkable is that Waring writes monologues with such authenticity that his six distinct characters seem to be speaking off-the-cuff. Each monologue may have shock value, but Waring deserves each seat-squirming moment because his expertise in character development makes them well-earned. The acting is rich and focused, utilizing incredible space work, complex mannerisms, and master dialects. This is a classically-trained actor with a fascinating internal engine; you would have to search well to find better acting in the entire Hollywood Fringe Festival." -- LA Stage and Cinema
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"Waring constructs six gradually climactic character studies that vary wildly in tone and sentiment. His attention to natural detail lends believability and eerie familiarity to eccentric and emotionally complex characters. Waring is a charismatic performer, affectionately delivering each monologue with tact and sympathetic subtlety. Waring lulls his audience into a reality-suspending trance that ignores typical constraints of age, gender, race, sexual preference, and nationality. [ELEGANT MONSTERS] is delightful, provocative, and joyously gratifying." -- LAist
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"Mr. French - a tense moment"

"Waring gives amazing renditions of several characters, each in a sketch of five to ten minute’s duration. Most of these pieces are indeed “uneasy.” Each character is trapped in his or her own world and the self-absorbedness sometimes leads to tragic consequences; it also provokes audience laughter". -- Santa Monica Mirror
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"[ELEGANT MONSTERS] presents a gallery of remarkable characters who represent a diverse array of human experiences." -- Socal
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"Cyril - Hello my little monster"

"Out of uneasiness, laughter is made through the darkness of the night. Mr. Waring is an excellent performer. He graces us with his committed presence and he traverses the parallel lines that somehow connect the individual stories". -- LA Theatre Review
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"Boney - I gave you that right there, muthafucka"
"Todd Waring's impressive self-penned solo show demonstrates the middle-aged actor's command of a range of accents and personae...while the unpredictable subject matter swerves between dark, sinister, and emotional." -- LA Weekly
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"As both the writer and the performer, Waring demonstrates an advanced ability to explore extremes with a range that is to be envied. While the phrase “tour-de-force” gets thrown around a lot in theater reviews, it fits quite nicely while watching Waring on stage". -- La Culture Spot
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Interview with Todd Waring: "So, before I was ready– in fact, to force myself to get ready– I booked a theater"! -- LA Stage Times: click here.

"How I Found The Fringe" Todd Waring's essay: "I’m over 50, so I thought I left the fringe behind about the time I signed my second mortgage". --LA Stage Times: click here.

 some nice quotes

"It doesn't get better than this. This is alive, vital theater with a capital T and smack dab on the cutting edge." -- Jeffrey Tambor, actor 'Arrested Development, The Hangover'

"That Todd Waring as a brilliant actor is no surprise. What is, is that his writing is equally stirring. In a one man show that does not merely showcase talent but is a full evening at the theater". -- Robin Bartlett, Actress 'Shutter Island'

"Words do not begin to describe the thrill I had watching Todd in Five Uneasy Pieces. He is a master, both as a writer and an actor. Do whatever you can to see this show!" -- Jane Kaczmarek, actress 'Malcolm in the Middle'

"I laughed 'til I cried. This is going to be a cult hit." -- Tony Shalhoub, actor 'Monk'

"Todd Waring is like no one else in the world and his show is like nothing else out there. This is dangerous theater, queasy comedy of the first order.  Five plays, one actor, no safety-net. Does our acrobat fall? Nope, Todd Waring soars!!!!" --  Peter MacNicol, actor '24', 'Numbers'

"Fascinating. He completely transforms." -- Megan Gallagher, actress ‘Larry Sanders Show’

 "Smart, original, and clever. Even his French gibberish is witty." -- David Fury, Exec. Producer '24'

"I was gasping for breath I was laughing so hard."  -- Stacey Travis, actress 'Fun With Dick and Jane’